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Cattle producers approve California Cattle Council

The California Department of Food and Agriculture recently conducted a referendum to determine whether California cattle producers favor the implementation of a proposed California Cattle Council. The results of this referendum have been certified and show that 68 percent of the producers who participated in the referendum voted in favor of the Council. Since this outcome exceeds the criteria of a majority voting favorably, CDFA Secretary Karen Ross has made the Council operative effective today.

The Council will perform research aimed at the development of best management practices to improve sustainability and efficiency of California’s beef industry; assist with regulatory compliance; and develop consumer education programs.

Now that the Council has become operative, CDFA will conduct a nomination process to appoint qualified individuals to serve on the initial Board of Directors. Those interested in serving or nominating an eligible person to serve may visit: (the “Go Cattle” website) or call CDFA’s Marketing Branch at 916-900-5018 to obtain nomination forms and additional instructions regarding this process.

A series of meetings of the Council’s newly appointed Board of Directors will be scheduled over the next few months to make organizational decisions and address matters before the Council.

More information: CDFA-Cattle

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