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Organic Livestock Research Needs

I was reading through the 2016 National Organic Research Agenda (NORA) Report and discovered a short section on the research needs for ORGANIC Livestock Production.

The Report states the following priorities, three or four of which may pertain to veterinary entomologists:

• Efficacy of available treatments, therapies, and approved products. • Impact of grass-based systems on animal disease (long-term study). • Incidence of lameness on organic farms, causes, nutrition, symptoms, housing, stress, environment, and preventative practices. • Breed performance in organic systems (health, pathogens, and parasites). • Parasite prevention on pastures. • Poultry breed and ration customization for season/climate, environment, available feeds, pasture, and markets. • Integrated livestock/crop systems (food safety and pest/disease suppression).

Perhaps, this information will support some of you in securing grant funding related to pest management in organic livestock systems.

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