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The Arthropod-Borne Animal Diseases Research Unit in Manhattan, KS is recruiting new Research Leader

Research Leader for the Arthropod-Borne Animal Diseases Research Unit at the USDA-ARS-PA, Center for Grain and Animal Health Research, Manhattan, KS, leads the unit and coordinates with other scientists, the Area Office, the Center Director, and the Office of National Programs to determine the research directions to accomplish the goals and objectives within the approved project plans under ARS National Programs 103 (Animal Health) and 104 (Veterinary, Medical and Urban Entomology).

Major Duties:

  • Perform leading research addressing the development of tools to predict and respond to new and emerging vector-borne and zoonotic diseases with emphasize on molecular biology studies of viruses and vectors, vector biology and competence, livestock entomology, epidemiology, immunology, viral pathogenesis, and vaccinology.

  • Develop collaborations and communicate technical information pertaining to arthropod-transmitted viral pathogens of domestic animals with a variety of individuals, including government officials, scientific and academic communities, national or international scientific organization, and diverse community and non-government groups.

  • Collect, analyze, and summarize technical information pertaining to arthropod vectors that affect livestock

  • Prepare written work products based on research to be reviewed and/or published in professional articles, publications, and technical abstracts.

  • Manage a multidisciplinary research program, including personnel, equipment and fiscal resources following agency’s mission and scientific procedures, requirements and protocols.

  • Supervise employees, to include setting performance standards, monitoring performance and guiding subordinates

ABADRU Research Leader position is posted on USA jobs (11/02/18-11/18/18):

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